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The rule for pruning deciduous winter is cutting three gems

He is allowed to grow and then is cut to the second gem: this is the correct way to get a fine and compact branching.
For plants to gems odd is the rule of three gems or four depending on the vigor of the plant, but beware! Never under the three gems.
We must always have two gems in growth after the first intervention of pruning.
This is true of plants to gems alternate elm, hornbeam, beech and so on.

We see in detail all the steps:
I state that I am not a great artist, but the explanations leave no doubt about it.
The first operation to be done in late winter or in February as you prefer.
  Depending on the number of the buds of the plant becomes a pruning leaving
on each line not less than three buds.
This work is to be done on the entire plant, considering the vigor of the individual classes.
  If we have to make thickness of the branches not cut anything in that branch

Pruning deciduous bonsai -Cut to the third gem

With the arrival of spring the buds open and begin to grow: the
outermost is the leader of the three, so will have a greater extension. The second
It will be shorter and the third even more.
Being outside the leader will have more nutrition and more light, so that growth will be greater in extension. In addition, the production of a hormone called Auxin inhibits the growth of the gems back directing the nourishment only to the line leader. The back line will have, short internodes and smaller leaves leading line and a more compact branch.

In late May, around, or better yet, when you see that the new lines are
going to wood and become productive, it makes an intervention of pruning
targeted, completely severing the line leader.

Pruning bonsai deciduous - Cutting the line "leader"

Yellow circle: leading line to be cut in the appropriate period
Red circle: second line
Blue circle: last line

as you see I have marked in advance gems that will stretch already open and where you will have to cut

After about 15 days, will open up new gems in the branches were, then you will have new lines available, you will find that the biggest online that you were in turn will become the leaders and begin to grow, but in the meantime you'll have more compact lines valley Home sprig.

Pruning bonsai deciduous - growth of new buds after the cutting of the line leader

As you can see there are many gems back that will open only after pruning leader YELLOW, remaining small and defining more the branching thin

Pruning bonsai deciduous - particularly of gems backward

here we are at the end of the season to destination 'September at this point you end up with many new lines short and compact, the leaders will be cut and the branch will begin' to have a look more suited for one that requires a bonsai.

Pruning bonsai deciduous - Pruning of the new guidelines (September)

Now that you have more short lines, I would opt for a selection of the same to obtain a winding with the rest of the plant,
the wire will help to reshape the entire hotel for harmony and naturalness of the whole.
Only with the practice test you will realize the actual development of the branch.
And with this consoliderete increasingly the technique, described above.
In the drawing below summarize all the various operations to be performed for easier mink together

Pruning bonsai deciduous - design summary

Remember that every plant is a case in itself and then with different times from other,
follow Mother Nature, planned a good fertilization plan
and watch your plants.
These interventions are not difficult to apply, but the technique has to be flawless,
Follow the suggestions above and in no time the branches will be perfect,

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